Gontran Harvey, President LRCPI

Consultant and specialist in continuous improvement through ACCESS and SQL Server software

Gontran Harvey's experience comes from several fields including aeronautics, sales, sales management and information technology. Gontran worked for 16 years at Bombardier Aerospace as an aircraft assembler, quality assurance agent, trainer, computer programmer, and as a continuous improvement specialist.

He went on to become a successful automotive sales representative, achieving Top Honors at the Ford Company and a very high customer satisfaction rating. After only four years, he was promoted to Sales Manager of a Ford Lincoln dealership. Again, he managed to increase the sales department's customer satisfaction by 10%. He also managed to improve internal processes so that employees could be more efficient. He knows the reality from the point of view of both the sales representative and the manager.

In all of these positions, he has had to use and create numerous systems for tracking, improving and managing data and processes. He has worked with more than ten different CRM/ERP systems.
He then discovered a real passion in connection with the achievement of sales objectives and improvement of internal processes, through the use of computer tools such as a CRM/ERP and data management software Microsoft Access and SQL Server.

Over the years, starting with his experience at Bombardier, he has distinguished himself as a Microsoft Access developer. He has created some fifteen complete applications, from analysis to deployment. In addition, he has trained hundreds of users.

These professional experiences make him an ideal consultant because he is able to put himself in your shoes. Moreover, he listens to you in order to really understand your needs and help you find the exact way to solve your problems.