Are you looking for formulas to boost your sales
 and increase your efficiency?

Our mission

LRCPI helps you achieve exciting results while addressing internal process issues to give you the opportunity to achieve the growth you desire.

Your challenges:

  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Be more competitive in terms of customer follow-ups.
  • Facilitate the integration of E-marketing.
  • Increase the performance of your employees.
  • Develop productivity reports.
  • Company managed from Excel files
  • Your Access databases are slow and need optimization.

"You can't improve what you don't measure. »

A different approach

At LRCPI we know that implementing a new application that supports your processes is much more than installing software.

The use or implementation of technology becomes a performance tool and not the end goal.


Developer and Microsoft Access specialist

Whatever internal process you want to improve, when Microsoft Access is put in the hands of a professional, it can help you make your employees and work teams more efficient and profitable. And at a much lower cost than conventional custom software.

Microsoft Excel

Discouraged by the number of Excel files you manage your business with? 

Having trouble managing your data in Excel?

Are management reports too long and difficult to generate from your spreadsheets?

Multiple users struggling to work on information at the same time?

We can help you transfer all your Excel (spreadsheet) files into one reliable, multi-user system.


Nancy Godbout


I had, for a year, an Access database for my company but unfortunately it was messed up! The person who made it for me had limited skills! I was at a dead end! I had to find THE EXPERT who would solve my problem once and for all. I typed in "Access Programmer" and saw the first name that came up on Google; Gontran Harvey. I contacted him immediately and explained my confusion ... it was becoming urgent to solve! Gontran immediately listened to my needs, estimated the work time realistically and solved my problem for good! He even simplified my database in order to facilitate my work as an editor! I am more than happy, I am very satisfied with the work done! Gontran was the right man for the job and I am grateful to him. I highly recommend him if you need an expert in the field; Gontran is the programmer you need. Many thanks for everything


Service: Microsoft Access Specialist.

Isabelle Martineau


Prior to working with Mr. Harvey, I was at a stage in my business where I saw and understood my need to implement a management system for my customer base as well as for our internal processes.
Our sales were increasing, our current system was not well adapted to our needs, and the Excel files were slowing us down enormously in our sales process.
We needed to find an option that would allow us to be more productive in our clerical tasks, as well as to have a better follow-up of all our steps related to the sales process.
I began my research, trying to find a supplier who already had a system adapted for the field in which we work, or who would be able to program a custom one that would best meet our expectations.
Not having any knowledge in this field and lacking time to investigate the subject in depth, my research proved to be rather painful.
The information available online on firms that can program a turnkey system is more than limited.
And those who could do so charged more than I was willing to invest, plus the cost of user support afterwards was very high.
Mr. Harvey carefully analyzed our internal processes to understand all the steps and actions that each team member must perform on a daily basis. The final result, the programming of a system perfectly adapted to our needs and our business reality, allowed us to increase our productivity by more than 25% in only a few weeks.
He was able to propose and implement a simple, easy-to-use solution that was integrated with our other computer programs and suited our budget.
I now see the growth of my company in a very favourable light since we now have the right IT resources to help us achieve our objectives.


Service: Microsoft Access Specialist.

Jessica Lavigne

Planning Consultant

I strongly recommend the services of Gontran Harvey. He listens to the different needs of his clients and always finds a solution to improve the work process and especially its speed. Thanks to his excellent service and his competence, we now have a more advanced computer system that saves us a lot of time and especially simplifies our lives. He has helped increase our team's productivity while reducing the risk of errors. We are very satisfied with his service.


Service: Microsoft Access Specialist.

Benoît Robichaud


Our company has had an in-house system mounted on Access bases for over 10 years. It had become really outdated and slow. We were looking to replace it. It would have cost us more than 10 000 dollars.

When I met Mr. Harvey he got our system back in order in a few days, offered us features we hadn't even thought of to save a huge amount of office time. The whole thing was done in a few days and at a fraction of the cost of replacing everything.

Very satisfied with the services of Gontran Harvey


Service: Microsoft Access Specialist.

Cindy Sansoucy


I recommend Gontran to everyone. He quickly finds solutions to our problems and suggests improvements we never thought possible. An AS to have in our corner !


Service: Microsoft Access Specialist.

Former boss

The performance of the Challenger 300 Program has been improved as a result of the interaction of the databases developed by Gontran. He would not have been able to provide exemplary service to our various requests if he had not understood the proper functioning of the different services and the interaction between them. Throughout his work, he was able to criticize each request, in order to eliminate non-value added tasks as much as possible, propose more efficient solutions than those requested, while complying with the company's objectives: Safe and rewarding work environment, Extraordinary customer experience, eliminate waste in all its forms.


Service: Microsoft Access Specialist.



Gontran Harvey, President LRCPI

Microsoft Access Specialist.

Gontran Harvey's experience comes from several fields including aeronautics, sales, sales management and information technology. Gontran worked for 16 years at Bombardier Aerospace as an aircraft assembler, quality assurance agent, trainer, computer programmer, and as a continuous improvement specialist.